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CNPS Orange County News – November 2010

November 14, 2010
In this eNews:
  1. General Meeting, Flora of Bahia de San Quintin, Speaker: Sula Vanderplank, Thursday, November 18, 2010
  2. California Native Plant Week, April 17-23, 2011
  3. Flutterby Mason Park, November 20, 2010, 10am-2pm

1. General Meeting: “Flora of Bahia de San Quintín ” with Sula Vanderplank

Please join us on Thursday, November 18, 2010 at the Duck Club, Riparian View Way, Irvine. The New Route should be opened, but have the Old Route directions handy just in case.  Both New and Old directions can be found here.

  • 6:45 pm – Doors Open, Hospitality
  • 7:00 pm – Interest Centers: Research, Grow, Explore and Protect OC.
  • 7:30 pm – Main Program – Flora of Bahia de San Quintín

Hospitality and Setup: Please contact Sarah Jayne at if you can help with a beverage or a snack item, and bring it to the Duck Club at 6:30.  If you would like to get your exercise moving a few tables and chairs, we would welcome help with room setup starting at 6:15 pm.

Interest Centers: Plant identification is just the beginning as we share four informational tables: Research OC (Plant Science, Education and Rare Plants), Grow OC (Native Gardening & Horticulture), Protect OC (Conservation) and Explore OC (Field Trips, Outdoor Activities & Fun).  We welcome your interaction with our expert volunteers as we explore together the different aspects of California Native Plants.

Main Program – Flora of Bahia de San Quintín with Sula Vanderplank:

Photos courtesy of Sula Vanderplank

Join us on a trip to explore the flora of Baja California’s Bahia de San Quintín region. This diverse and relatively unspoiled area of the Pacific Coast south of Ensenada, includes one of the most pristine wetland environments in the world, and eleven volcanic systems with elevations up to 260 m. San Quintín itself is one of a series of rapidly expanding agricultural towns along the carreterra intrapeninsular in northwestern Baja California, currently home to an estimated 50,000 people. Due in part to changing land use patterns in a rapidly developing coastal zone, this region is in need of conservation tools to drive and inform conservation efforts.

In order to provide such a tool for conservation and stewardship efforts in this region, a floristic inventory of the area has been initiated. Sula is involved with this project, which aims to produce a vouchered checklist of the area. Preliminary results of the ‘Conservation Area Plan for San Quintín’ (data unpublished) from The Nature Conservancy, Baja California, have identified seven distinct habitats in need of conservation, four of which are terrestrial: Salt Marshes; Dunes and Beaches; Rivers and Riparian areas; and Coastal Rosette Matorral.

Sula Vanderplank is a doctoral student at UC Riverside studying with Dr. Exequiel Ezcurra, Director of UC MEXUS and professor of Plant Ecology. Her PhD research will focus on phytogeography in Baja California, particularly in the northwest. She is currently working part–‐time at Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden where she was previously the Herbarium Administrative Curator. She recently graduated with a Master’s degree in Botany from Claremont Graduate University, her thesis being the flora of San Quintin including research on San Martín Island (more information on this study can be accessed at:–‐version/san–‐martin–‐island).

2. California Native Plant Week, April 17-23, 2011

The California State Assembly and Senate have approved Resolution ACR 173 (Evans) establishing California Native Plant Week, beginning April 17-23, 2011. This measure proclaims the 3rd week of April, each year, as California Native Plant Week and encourages community groups, schools, and citizens to undertake appropriate activities to promote the conservation, restoration, and appreciation of California’s native plants.  More information about this resolution here.

Dichelostemma capitatum . . . how about a "Pick a common name" contest?

April is an ideal time to celebrate native plants, and the Orange County chapter is looking for ideas and participation from you, our members and friends.  We have a great opportunity to promote native plants, and statewide activities will be planned and coordinated and publicized.  What activities will already be occurring that week in Orange County that celebrate our native habitats?  Can you or your organization plan a talk, a hike, a garden party, or any activity, that will help spread the word to the general public?

We would like to see multiple activities happening all over the county throughout the week.  Everyone can help!  Nancy Heuler will be collecting suggestions and info, so that we can gather them together and publicize them on our website and to the press.  Let’s get creative!  Please contact Nancy at, and let her know of your interests and your thoughts.

3. Flutterby Mason Park, November 20, 10am-2pm

Mason Regional Park is celebrating the completion of its “open-air” butterfly habitat.  Our chapter will be there to sell native plants attractive to butterflies, and to interact with the public.  More information, directions, etc. Bring your family and friends to the festivities.

Can you help man our booth for an hour or two, to sell plants, help children play ball-toss, or just talk native plant talk?  If you live in Irvine this is just in your neighborhood.  Drop by the booth and we will put you to work!  Contact Jennifer Mabley at if you have questions.